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The Bank of Lithuania | DELFI, Photo by K. Čachovskis

Economic growth is fuelled by domestic demand recovery and favourable price developments 0

A marked recovery in domestic demand – both investment and consumption – are offsetting the impact of worse industrial performance on the development of the domestic economy, the Bank of Lithuania reports. Therefore, the Bank of Lithuania projects GDP growth to be 3.6 per cent …

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Tripartite Social Summit in Brussels | Photo courtesy of the Council of the European Union

Tripartite High Level meeting focuses on unemployment, poverty and social inequality 0

The Tripartite Social Summit High Level meeting held in Brussels prior to the European Council, has informed. During the event the discussions focused on the actions foreseen to strengthen the social dimension of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), employment and social policy …

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DELFI, Photo by A. Stackevič

Lithuanian construction companies will not employ more people 0

Statistics Lithuania announced that 71 per cent of Lithuanian construction company managers had no plans to employ more staff. Some 18 per cent of the polled said they will hire more workers, while 11 per cent planned to decrease the number of workers, The Baltic …

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EU funds for reducing youth unemployment to reach Lithuania in January

EU funds for reducing youth unemployment to reach Lithuania in January 0

BNS The European Union’s support for reducing youth unemployment should reach member-states, including Lithuania, in January, European Commissioner Laszlo Andor said in Vilnius on Friday. “It has to reach the countries from January, so member-states already had to start preparing for absorbing this. The Commission …

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No EP talks on EU support for individual countries, Presidential adviser says

No EP talks on EU support for individual countries, Presidential adviser says 0

The size of support for individual EU member states from the EU 2014-2020 budget will not be a subject of negotiations with the European Parliament, an adviser to Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said on Wednesday, commenting on a call by some MEPs to hold new …

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Lithuanian Minister of Social Security and Labour Algimanta Pabedinskienė |

Inactivity of Lithuania’s labor exchanges “unacceptable” – adviser 0

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite on Monday called on Minister of Social Security and Labor Algimanta Pabedinskiene to take the initiative for a national strategy for fighting youth unemployment to be produced. Following the Monday meeting, presidential adviser Daiva Ulbinaite also said that Grybauskaite was also …

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SEB: job market situation improves in the Baltic States 0

Compared to 2010, when the job market in the Baltic States suffered the lowest level of employment, the number of employed people has increased in all Baltic States – employment in Estonia recovered by 11%, in Latvia – by 7.7% and by 5.9% in Lithuania, …

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Lithuania’s pensioners are rushing to work abroad 0

Agencies supplying employment services for seasonal work in foreign countries to Lithuanian citizens state that many pensioners this year seek to work seasonal job for a few months. Some of them come in pairs, writes referring to LNK News. Some pensioners want to help …

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IKEA gathers a work team in Lithuania 0

Next year IKEA plans to start operations in the capital with a furniture and household items shopping center and is currently looking for employees.  First it will hire directors and managers, wrote on 17 March. IKEA is looking for staff responsible for food products, …

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Lithuania above the European average in gender equity

Lithuania above the European average in gender equity 0

In terms of gender equity Lithuania places itself above the European average, and in a better condition than most of its neighbours. However, it is still far from reaching the desired level of equality among Lithuanian men and women. This is made apparent by the …

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Lithuanians work less than other Europeans 1

According to a research, conducted by German statistics office, people of 27 European countries spend on average 34.5 years working, Swedish work the longest (40.1 years), while Hungarians work the shortest (29.3 years), reports. As the research concludes, in 2000-2010 European Union citizens spent …

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Would like to work longer 0

One third of Lithuanian citizens would like to continue working after reaching the age of retirement, yet 41% of them think that pensioners should not work, reports. 81% of people think that the biggest obstacle which prevents the elderly from working in Lithuania is …

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Economists: Latvian economic potential – higher than before crisis 0

In the first half of 2011, Latvia reported a rapid upturn. Most likely it was propelled by export, investments and domestic consumption. Given the surging in imports in the first-quarter, growth was slower in the first quarter than in the second one, indicates Lija Strašuna, …

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