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Antanas Sutkus. Photo by K.Čachovskis, DELFI

Photographer Antanas Sutkus: Recognized from Paris to Rio but slighted at home 0

Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune The internationally acclaimed Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus’ photographic signature in thousands of photo works is recognized in art galleries from Paris to Rio de …

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Christmas Eve table. Photo by V.Kopūstas, DELFI

Lithuanian Kūčios: awe-inspiring rites in anticipation of Christmas 0

Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune As the Christian world is getting ready for the biggest holiday of the year, Kalėdos, Christmas, for many at its cusp is Kūčios, the …

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Rimas Tuminas. Photo by Mažeika, DELFI

Small Theatre of Vilnius: Mixing up rebellion and metaphysics 0

Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune Theatre is only possible when there is a director with his own theatre vision. At the roots of the State Small Theatre of Vilnius …

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The Invisible Front. Photo by Cassie Castellaw

Lithuanian partisan movie opens to positive reviews in the US 0

On Friday, 7 November, The Invisible Front started its US tour at Cinema Village theatre, downtown Manhattan, New York. A number of excellent reviews in a wide range of US …

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Scanorama: action and redundant special effects-free, but still gripping hearts

Scanorama: action and redundant special effects-free, but still gripping hearts 0

Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune The Scanorama Film Festival starting Thursday, 6 November, will be taking cinema lovers for a ride on the emotional rollercoaster through a spectacular array …

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Vilnius Jazz Festival. Photo by Mirosnikov, DELFI

“Vilnius Jazz Festival 2014”: least commercial, superstar-less, groovy and funky 0

Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune The least commercial music festival, relatively star-less, but groovy and sometimes funky, “Vilnius Jazz Festival” drives its fans mad with the wacky jazz “perversions” …

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Vilnius Mama Jazz festival | Photo courtesy of Vilnius Tourism Information Centre

Jazz Federation head: “Lithuanian jazz needs better treatment” 0

Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune Solveiga Rusytė, president of Lithuania’s Jazz Federation (LJF), could be deservedly called a jack of all trades, juggling all the gigs in event planning, …

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Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis

Čiurlionis, magnetic Lithuanian great, over-researched but under-appreciated 0

Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis is one of the biggest greats that Lithuania has ever had. A distinguished composer, mystic painter and a rebellious man is …

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M. K. Čiurlionis, Sparks (III from the cycle of 3 paintings) 1906 | Photo courtesy of National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum

International M.K. Čiurlionis Music Festival started in Palanga 0

The International M. K. Čiurlionis Music Festival has started in Palanga. It was regarded as one of the main events of last year’s Palanga – Culture Capital of Lithuania programme by Lithuanian listeners and foreign guests alike. The official opening of the festival on Saturday  …

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Algirdas Ramaška. Photo courtesy of DELFI.

“Lithuanian film industry is going through transformation, but the future is promising” 0

Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune Lithuania still needs to do a good deal of catching up with Latvia and Estonia in charting more foreign cinema waters, insists Algirdas Ramaška, …

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Litvak lenses influenced sensibilities of Nobel prize winning author Nadine Gordimer

Litvak lenses influenced sensibilities of Nobel prize winning author Nadine Gordimer 0

Christine Neijstrom | the Lithuania Tribune Earlier this week the media honoured Nadine Gordimer, a Nobel and Man Booker prize winning novelist, with a wealth of obituaries. Gordimer died at …

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Azeri KTU student Toghrul Sabzaliyev | Photo from Toghrul's personal archive

An Azeri student in Kaunas: a cultural perspective 0 The education level in Lithuania may not seem good enough to some people but it’s education with a fresh perspective to others. One of these people is Toghrul Sabzaliyev …

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Song Celebration in Vingio Parkas | Photo courtesy of DELFI

Lithuanian song festival: an education in Soviet-era living conditions 0

DELFI The Song Celebration, a massive traditional song and dance festival that concluded recently, was not only an opportunity for Lithuanians home and abroad to gather together but also a …

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Photo courtesy of © Goethe-Institut/Foto:Christian

Thomas Mann festival starts in Nida 0

The 18th International Thomas Mann festival has started in Lithuania’s seaside resort of Nida this Saturday, 12 July.  All kinds of music, art and film events will take place throughout the week. The festivities began in Nida’s Evangelic Lutheran Church and the event was opened …

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Pyramid in the front of the Seimas | Photo by Darius Udrys

Opinion: Repercussions of the Grand Duchy or public perception of the Ukrainian War in Lithuania 0

Felix Ackermann Memory politics has everything to do with how the Lithuanian public perceives events in Ukraine that have dominated the local media and political discourse since last December, says …

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Mai Nguyen Ngoc with other top graduates at the prime minister's reception. Photo by T.Vinickas, DELFI

Vietnamese-Lithuanian among top school graduates in the country 0

Mai Nguyen Ngoc, whose family is of Vietnamese origin, has passed the Lithuanian state language exam excellently and got 100 percent, the highest mark, in Chemistry, Mathematics and English. DELFI …

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The Mosaic Choir. Photo: S3

Mosaic Singers to perform a concert in Vilnius 0

Ludo Segers ⎮ the Lithuania Tribune On Monday 14 July, the Detroit based Mosaic Singers will perform a concert in the splendid St. Casimir church (Šv. Kazimiero bažnyčia). St. Casimir …

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DELFI, Photo by K. Čachovskis

Lithuanian World Community leaders gather in Klaipėda 0

BNS Regional leaders of the Lithuanian World Community are gathering for a meeting in the Lithuanian western port of Klaipėda on Monday. Participants will discuss Lithuanian-language education abroad and citizenship issues, …

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Harmony park during the Meeting of World Lithuanian Youth in 2012. @ courtesy of

Second Meeting of World Lithuanian Youth will take place 0

Lithuanians from all over the world will gather in Harmony Park near Prienai for the second annual Meeting of World Lithuanian Youth 2014 to be held from July 10-13. The World Lithuanian Youth  …


Johnny Unitas and his son Joe Unitas @ Joe Unitas

Unitas We Stand: the Johnny Unitas movie 0

The 1950s and 1960s were different times for professional athletes. Johnny Unitas was paid a starting salary of $ 7,000 a year in 1956. Adjusted for inflation, that would be …

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