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The Lithuania Tribune is a privately owned news service covering Lithuania and the Baltic region in the English language.

We aim to introduce as many people as possible to a wide range of information and opinions from within Lithuania, and to connect the worldwide Lithuanian community with its homeland.

Our aim is to support ideas that will help Lithuania become a modern and forward-looking member of the liberal and progressive world community. We are in favour of a global Lithuania, with the strength and confidence to feel comfortable with new developments while retaining her heritage, language and culture.

We give a platform to as many opinions as possible, while retaining objectivity in our news content. We invite readers to enjoy the evolution of Lithuania, and we welcome all who want to take a constructive role in her future.

Join The Lithuania Tribune news portal. We are looking for those who would like to share their thoughts on Lithuania, language editors, translators, IT specialists; in short everyone who could contribute to this project. If you are interested in joining The Lithuania Tribune, write us an email on editor@lithuaniatribune.com

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Thanks to the Fund for support of the Press, Radio and Television

Spaudos, radio ir televizijos rėmimo fondasLithuania‘s Fund for support of the Press, Radio and Television (www.srtfondas.lt), has kindly allocated 15,000 Litas for the three quarters of 2104 in order to support the Lithuania Tribune‘s Culture section.  You could read these articles here, the articles with the support of the fund will be published untill the end of 2014.  The Lithuania Tribune would like to express its gratitude to the Fund.



The Lithuania Tribune team:

Ruslanas Iržikevičius – Founder and Project Coordinator, Editor-in-Chief

Yohanca Delgado – Projects Manager, Editor

Christine Neijstrom – Independent Unaffiliated Contributor

Ludo Segers – Washington DC Bureau Chief

Rachel Croucher – Managing Editor (Australian Bureau)
Rachel is a freelance writer and editor who also works as a German translator at the Holocaust Museum in Melbourne, Australia. She holds both a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne as well as a Master of Public History from Monash University. Rachel has previously studied in Germany and was also once a student at Vilnius University. Although now based in Australia Rachel continues to maintain a huge interest in Lithuanian history, culture and current affairs.

Alex Tigani – Sports Reporter (Australian Bureau)

Mindaugas Žemaitis – Co-ordinator (AustralianBureau)

Sophie Bradford – UK Correspondent

Fredrik Rydström – Commentator
Fredrik graduated Vilnius University in 2011 where he was awarded a Cum Laude diploma in Central and Eastern European Studies. His main area of expertise concerns Nordic-Baltic relations and the cultural and economic exchange between the two regions. Apart from this, Fredrik Rydström is a great connoisseur of the kibinas.”

Jennifer Virškus – Editor,
As a Lithuanian-American writer, photographer, and graphic designer, Jennifer splits her time between Europe and the United States. She has worked for Cosmopolitan, FHM, IEVA, Lilit, Powder, Lithuanian Heritage, Condé Nast Traveler, and Aspen Magazine. She has a B.A. in Central and East European Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

Carol Saynisch – Editor
Carol has a B.A. degree in journalism from Pennsylvania State University and an M.A. in International Relations from Boston University. A former TV network reporter and anchor, newspaper columnist and magazine writer, she owns a media consulting business, working as a media subject matter expert/mentor for NATO and various militaries around the world. She resides near Olympia, Washington, the US.

Philippa Russell – Editor
Philippa Russell is a recent graduate of University College London, where she was awarded a degree in East European Politics.  While her interest in the region has brought her to the Lithuanian Tribune as a language editor and motivated her to travel extensively, her most recent projects have focused closely on Germany and the government’s recent exit from nuclear power.

Vytas Radzevičius – Translator
Vytas is a first generation Lithuanian-American.  He received a Bachelor and Master Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and worked in the automotive industry for 23 years.  Now he is working on more creative endeavors as a director/producer/editor of television shows for the Detroit area market.  He and his wife, Christine, live in Plymouth, Michigan.

Ernestas Bogdanov – a student of Chemistry faculty at Vilnius University, who holds a huge interest in science and culture. Last year he joined Lithuania Tribune’s team as a translator. His main goal is to spread the word about Lithuania’s political, cultural and scientific situation.

Rimantas Kleiva – Born during the Soviet period, Rimas Kleiva studied English at Vilnius University at the dawn of Lithuanian independence. He later worked for the “Baltic News Service” for  8 years under the supervision of some famous Lithuanian journalists and editors, translating foreign news into Lithuanian. After a few years’ break, he now continues by helping “Lithuania Tribune” on its mission to enlighten the world about Lithuanian affairs.

Ingrida Sinkevičiūtė
is really passionate about travelling and charity work. Currently works as a translator and embraces the idea of making Lithuanian affairs more known to the rest of the world.

Lena Gertrūda Cibulskytė – Graduated Vilnius university and gained Master’s diploma of English language lecturer. Currently she is  working at Kaunas University of Technology, but her job has nothing to do with the translation, so she is trying to take every opportunity to apply her knowledge and to gain some experience as well.

Modesta Kvederaitė – Modesta is studying Translation at Vilnius University and at the same time trying to get as much translation experience as possible to understand whether her dreams about a translator’s career are worth attention. Thus she recently joined Lithuania Tribune as a translator and performs various translation tasks both at home and in an office. Modesta is interested in culture, science and technologies.

Aistė Lašienė – In 2007 graduated from Vilnius University with the bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. In 2009 finished special English-Lithuanian translating studies also in Vilnius University. Work experience was gained in the fields of finance (as an accountant), courses’ managment (as a coordinator in a course organizing company), freelance translating (English- Lithuanian) and client consulting (on phone, in a parcel shipping company, in English). Interested in psychology, medicine, singing, organizing events for friends. Still eager to learn new things. Now is in the second level of learning Spanish language. Lately had to gain a lot of knowledge about raising a child. Would love to run a little business or organize events  or both. Also, time to time she sings in a church choir. For six years she have been singing in the Vilnius University Academic Mixed Choir Gaudeamus. So, to sum up – she is a kind-hearted, helpful, interesting and communicative person!

Laura Bojarskaitė – Laura is a Biochemistry student at University of Copenhagen, an intern in Bio-Nanotechnology Laboratory and a volunteer translator in Lithuania Tribune and TED. Although away from her home country, Laura is interested in current affairs in Lithuania and wants to make Lithuania known internationally.

Dick Krickus – is distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Mary Washington and has held the H.L. Oppenheimer Chair for Warfighting Strategy at the U.S. Marine Corps University. For 8 years Dr. Krickus wrote a column on world affairs for Lietuvos Rytas, Lithuania’s leading national daily. He has appeared as a commentator on Soviet-Russian affairs on U.S. radio and television on numerous occasions. He is the author of a number of books, including: Pursuing the American DreamThe Superpowers in CrisisShowdown: The Lithuanian Rebellion and the Break-Up of the Soviet EmpireThe Kaliningrad QuestionIron Troikas: The New Threat from the East; and Medvedev’s Plan: Giving Russia a Voice but Not a Veto in a New European Security System.

Justinas Bieliauskas – Translator for the Lithuania Tribune. Finished his BA in International Relations and Politics at the University of Essex, United Kingdom. Thereafter he did his Masters in Science and Technology Studies at Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Previously, he worked on developing renewable energy legislation in Lithuania. Currently he is setting up an initiative teaching and accrediting lobbying as a tool for responsible governance. His interest lies in society, innovation and sustainability and the continuous search for balance between authority, humanity and technology.

Sandra Dijokaitė – Translator

Asta Kurulytė – Translator, writer

Arūnas Raudys – Translator

Ieva Ulozevičiūtė – Translator

Adomas Gricius – Translator

Joe Beaumier – Translator

Jurgis Vedrickas – Translator

Dalia Wicks – Translator

Virginijus Sinkevičius – Translator

Karolis Kyga – Translator

Ieva Indriūnaitė – Translator

Isabella Casciola – Language editor

Joe Beaumier – Language editor

Violet King – Language editor

Anthony Hennen – Language editor

Bruce Sloan – Language editor

Stephanie Conlon – Language editor

Tania Dyliene – Language editor

Karen Di Prima – Language editor

Anthony Peters – Language editor

Matthew Valentinas – Language editor

Rick Whateley – Language editor

Linda Haber – Language editor

Sara Lischynsky – Language editor

Nicola Lavey – Language editor

Audra Šeputytė – Translator

Warren Thompson – Translator

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