Lithuanian protocol asked the Estonians to help organise Presidential funeral

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Pranešk apie klaidą

The Lithuania’s protocol department is in touch with their Estonian counterparts to pick their brains on organising a Presidential funeral, the editor of magazine Kelias, Mr Rytas Staselis wrote in his blog on 7 February.  It appears that the Lithuanian protocol dep’t is getting ready for death of one of Lithuania’s most prominent Lithuania’s politicians Algirdas Mykolas Brazauskas,, who has been in intensive care for almost a month.

According to the editor he learned about this news from a businessman.  Mr Staselis also called his friends in Estonia to confirm this and got a positive response. According to Mr Staselis, Tallinn received an official request from Vilnius and is still undecided how to react in the case of need.  The editor makes the assumption that the Estonian protocol dep’t would send a team to help organise the funeral in Lithuania.  Estonia’s President Lennart Meriwas the first Baltic President to die, he passed away on 14 March 2006.

It is clear that the Lithuania’s protocol team would like to learn from the Estonians how to organise a Presidential funeral in Lithuania due to the deteriorating health of former Lithuania’s President Algirdas Brazauskas.  President Brazauskas,(77), is currently in the intensive care unit of the Vilnius University Clinic.  Lithuania’s public broadcaster Internet site wrote on 5 February that Brazauskas health is deteriorating.

Brazauskas has been ill for some time.  The former President was admitted to the clinic’s intensive care on 10 January after running a high fever.  He has prostate cancer with complications and recently suffered from septicemia..

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