Lithuanian President will meet PM Putin in Finland

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Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite announced on 5 February that she is going to meet the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Finland next week.

According to her, the initiative for the meeting came from Kremlin.  Grybauskaite said to the reporters today, “At Putin’s request, we agreed to such meeting.”  The Lithuanian president and the Russian Prime Minister will participate on the meeting of the leaders of the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea.

Grybauskaite was asked if during the meeting she will raise a question to Putin about a statement made in 29 January by the Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson in which he declared that Independent Lithuania did not exist in January 13 1991, when the Soviet military killed 14 civilians and injured hundreds injured.  Grybauskaite answered, ‘I think that this statement is a misunderstanding.’  She added, ‘Why should I raise this question.  I know that Lithuania did exist then.  I don’t have any questions about this question.’

On 29 January the Spokesperson of the Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr Andrei Nesterenko stated, ‘As to the gist of the propositions set out in the resolution, in particular, about “the aggression of the USSR against the independent state of Lithuania,” they are not only essentially absurd but also legally untenable. Under international law, aggression can only be a wrongful use of armed force by one state against another, and the UN Security Council gives a legally significant act of aggression qualification, but as of January 1991, an independent Republic of Lithuania did not exist because it was not recognized by any state.

Also improper are the references to the Treaty between the RSFSR and Lithuania of July 29, 1991, in which the parties recognize the state sovereignty of each other. This document at the time of signing was an agreement between two entities of the Soviet federation and, accordingly, could not engender international legal consequences.’

None other official reaction Vilnius came after this statement of Mr Nesterenko.  Some of the Lithuania’s commentators stated that this was Kremlin’s answer to Grybauskaite’s question if the Russian President Medvedev will come to Vilnius on 11 March to celebrated twentieth Lithuania’s Independence.  On 13 January Grybauskaite said that she will invite the Russian President to the celebrations and would like see how much the Independence of Lithuania is appreciated in Kremlin..

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