Lithuanians use smart phones more for practical purposes, Scandinavians use them for entertainment

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Pranešk apie klaidą

If someone in Lithuania, Sweden and Finland were to be asked for what purpose his smart phone is used, a Lithuanian more likely would answer that he reads emails on his phone, a Swede would say that he communicates in social networks or plays games, and a Finn would reply that he checks his schedule and listens to music at the same time, wrote on 9 November.

These revelations became apparent after summarising the results of “Trends” research carried out by TeliaSonera in several countries.

Useful and practical services such as schedules, calendars, and email were used by 54-56 percent of those polled, and entertainment services were used by 18-27 percent of smart phone users who were questioned using the “Trends” application on their smart phones in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, these statistics were reversed. More smart phone users in these countries gave priority to social networks, music, video records and other entertainment services; these applications were chosen by 48-53 percent of those polled, while business-like and practical services were used by 27-29 percent of the research participants. In Finland entertainment and practical services were chosen equally – 43-45 percent – among those polled.

In Lithuania teenagers up to 17 years old were using smart phones mostly for entertainment. Users in the age group of 18-24 paid similar attention to entertainment and useful mobile services – 43.8 percent to entertainment, 40.1 percent to useful services. The gap between usage of entertainment and practical services increased in favour of the latter with an increase in the user’s age.

1026 Lithuanian smart phone users answered the research questions in the “Omnitel Trends” application June-October 2011.

Translated by Antanas Slivinskas
Edited by Kelly Omohundro

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