The post of cultural attache in Denmark to be moved to Sweden.

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Pranešk apie klaidą

The post of cultural attaché to move from Denmark to Sweden.The Ministry of Culture has suggested removing the post of cultural attaché in Denmark and setting it up in Sweden, reported on 9 September.

The new post could be in Sweden from 2 January 2012. Its funding would come from the state budget assigned to the Ministry of Culture. There would be no additional costs, according to a representative from the Ministry, due to the money saved from removing the post in Denmark. The cultural attaché would also represent Lithuania in Finland.

The Ministry of Culture has submitted the project to the Government for approval. According to the Ministry, this project will improve and reorganize the Lithuanian cultural attaché overseas representation system. “If the changes take place then Lithuania will increase its cultural dispersion to Northern countries, which is part of Lithuania’s strategic development”, said the ministry.

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