Drinking water in Lithuania is one of the best in Europe

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Pranešk apie klaidą

Lithuania’s drinkable tap water is one of the best in Europe, however, water originating from smaller sources sometimes contains a surplus of fluorine and iron, reported the daily newspaper ‘Lietuvos Rytas’ on Monday.

Although noted for its high standards of drinkable water, in some Lithuanian regions there is considerable room for improvement – said Vilija Galdikiene, chief specialist of the Food Department of the State Food and Veterinary Service.

Galdikiene suggests that this is due to the fact that all drinking water in Lithuania runs underground. It is well protected from environmental pollution and therefore, the microbiological indicators observed are to a good standard.

The newspaper claims that only the inhabitants of Australia and Denmark can enjoy water of a similarly high quality.

In the vast majority of other European states, public water supply is sourced from the surface water of rivers or lakes. With this water, chemical cleansing is necessary which compromises the quality of its taste and nutritional value.

We can confidentially drink tap water without boiling or filtrating it. However, it is unlikely that we would like to taste the brown-coloured or rancid-smelling water supplied in Inkaklial, Silute district or Naiviai, Panevezys district – says V. Galdikiene.

Galdikiene believes the biggest problem of Lithuania’s publicly supplied drinking water to be the high concentrations of iron. In North-West Lithuania, 93 water sources supplying drinking water exceed the legal limit of fluoride concentration, writes ‘Lietuvos Rytas’.

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3 thoughts on “Drinking water in Lithuania is one of the best in Europe

  1. I have traveled to Vilnius from my home country ( Venesuela) and find the drinking water quite good.

  2. Evilina,

    I do live in the centre of Vilnius (Vilnius str.) and I drink water from the tap every day. For me it tastes good 🙂
    What is more, in the North of Lithuania (my country) I also can drink water from tap, so I suppose it depends on taste 🙂

  3. This is a ridiculously poorly founded statement!

    The article say nothing about how they did this “measurement” and on what basis they reached such a conclusion. But one thing is for sure, the water coming from the taps in central Vilnius can never be the “best” water in Europe for several reasons. But to mention two. (1) It tastes bad and (2) the very old pipes carrying the water is also severely contaminating the water with iron and fluoride at best and dirt, rust, sewage and water born bacteria at worst.

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