Lithuania is offered a transportation revolution – sky train

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Sky Train, @ Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.

Sky Train, @ Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.

A trip from Vilnius to Kaunas may last only 15 minutes in a couple of years, Russia’s scientist Anatoly Junitsky said. He created a new means of transportation, the sky train.

So far, it exists only in the scientist’s projections, an existing plane without wings looking like a train which should ride on a very sturdy string which would be stretched in the sky.

Anatoly Junitsky established a company “Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.”  He started visiting municipalities and other government institutions regarding this project. He also would like to establish a technology park, where final tests and certification of his invention would be completed.

“We offer a completely new means of transport, just as the Wright brothers, the inventors of aviation have done. Our product would create a new market. After all, land-line phones do not compete with mobile phones – they are products for different market shares,”- the scientist told DELFI.

He also stated that, while a student, he realized that today transportation is ineffective:, it is not ecologic, it harms nature and a lot of people die in different accidents. He has been developing this new idea for 30 years.

According to Junitsky the so called stringed sky transport is economic, eco-friendly, safe, and does not do any harm to nature.

Junitsky also stated that a stringed road could be constructed 5 meters in height. Although it could be constructed even higher.

Anatoly Junitsky @ Š. Mažeika DELFIHe has been researching ways to make the construction of this object less expensive. It is estimated that 1 kilometre of standard railway may cost around 100 million US dollars.

The scientist states that he invented a very strong road – steel string, which is stretched with 600 tons of force and may withstand huge pressures.

At the same time, this road is far cheaper and easier to build, because the amount of materials that are needed are 10 times less. The project shows that 1-3 kilometres of strings would be connected by poles which would be planted in the ground. According to the scientist’s projection, the train would fly on the strings that are stretched out in the sky.

“This transport could be used instead of city buses and trams. Stops could be established on the apartments’ roofs. The engine is not needed when the train starts leaving the stop. It develops a speed of 120 km/h when it starts going down the string. When the string starts to go up, gravity force starts to influence and the train stops. “- the scientist explained.

For this means of transportation, which can accommodate up to 40 passengers, only a little amount of energy (5kW) is needed. That is the amount of energy a moped uses. Junitsky says that sky train will cost 20 times less than a metro system. However, he does not provide more numbers.

The new generation trains would have electric or diesel engines. Africa, Australia, America and Europe have shown huge interest in using this mean of transport for transporting cargo.

Sky Train @Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.Why was Lithuania chosen?

The company would like to establish a technology park in Lithuania where tests would be carried out for almost 3 years so that the market could be offered a patented means of transportation. According to the scientist, he would like to rent a space of 10 hectares for the laboratories and a plot 30 km long by 100 m wide for experimental roads.

If it was possible to buy or rent the plot, than there would be three kinds of string transport that would be developed: cargo transport (speed of up to 100 km/h), passenger transport (speed of up to 150 km/h) and express passenger transport (speed of up to 500 km/h and ability to transfer up to 200,000 passengers daily).

When Junitsky was asked why he chose Lithuania for the project he answered: “Russia and Belarus is unattractive because of investment environment and Lithuania defends interests of the investors. However, if we decided to develop in Germany, then we would have a very serious competitor there – Siemens company. France and Japan have their own express trains. Why would those countries need us? Moreover, I am a Belarusian so Lithuania is an ideal place for me.”

The company is not asking for any money from the Government, but it is ready to invest more than 300 million US dollars here.  These funds were collected when shares from small investors were sold. It is hoping to hire around 500 people at the beginning of the project and the company is already searching for employees.

The Lithuanian company has a subdivision in Belarus, where 15 engineers are working. According to Junitsky, Belarus’ capital city was chosen, because there are a lot of good machine engineers left there.

Right now Junitsky is meeting with representatives of municipalities and is getting the project ready for an introduction to the Ministry of transport and communication and other Government institutions.

According to the scientist, if the company does not find the right plot for experiments in a few months, the company will be relocated to another country.

State Enterprise Centre of Registers data shows that the company has an authorized capitalization of 105,000 Litas.

The representative of the Minister of transport and communications, Ričardas Slapšys, stated that Junitsky did meet the minister but a detailed presentation of the project is still being expected.

“The project has been presented during the meeting, however we still lack a lot of information so conclusions still cannot be provided”, he said.


Translated by Erika Gudauskaitė.

Edited by Paul Moriarty





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