Russia suspends accord with Lithuania on exchange of info on weaponry in Kaliningrad

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Russia has unilaterally suspended an agreement with Lithuania on providing information about weaponry in the Russian region of Kaliningrad, Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defence said on Monday.

The ministry’s Public Relations Department said the ministry has received a diplomatic note from Russia, stating that Russia is unilaterally suspending the 2001 bilateral Lithuanian-Russian agreement on additional confidence and security building measures.

According to the ministry, the agreement stipulated that the states will exchange information about their armed forces as well as conduct bilateral military inspections.

“It was agreed to use the format of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Lithuania does not participate in for exchange of information, and conduct inspections under the conditions of the Vienna Document. On the Russian side, the agreement was applied to its forces in Kaliningrad. After Russia imposed a moratorium on the CFE in 2007, it seized providing information but bilateral inspections continued,” the Ministry of National Defence said.

Lithuania has implemented all conditions of the agreement and has not given Russia a pretext for such a move, the ministry said in the statement.

“Such a move by Russia demonstrates Russia’s unwillingness to ensure mutual trust and can be deemed another move towards the destruction of the mutual trust and security system in Europe,” the statement said.


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