Public amenities planning stinks in Vilnius


Pranešk apie klaidą

The poor planning of public toilets in the centre of Vilnius is leading people to put up warnings of fines for public urination on their property as desperate pedestrians seek a place to relieve themselves on the street.

Signs have appeared on the windows of parking lots warning that there is a 100 litas (29 euro) fine for public urination. The presidential palace has similar problems with many drunk people finding its exterior wall a suitable place to urinate.

There are very few public toilets in the centre of Vilnius and there are little or no signs indicating where they are. Furthermore the toilets are often populated by unpleasant people, warding off others.

The underground parking on Vinco Kudirkos square on Gedimino avenue is a prime target for people looking for a private place to unzip.

During the winter in particular, when the doors to the stairwell are left closed, the smell is particularly pungent, the manager of the complex said.

“We have received complaints from drivers. If the trouble does not get resolved by the warnings, we might have to only allow entrance for people with parking tickets,” the parking complex management said.

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