US warns Russia, pledges to send troops to Baltics

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Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė, Latvian President Andris Bērziņš and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Copyright - R. Dačkus, Presidential PalaceUnited States Vice President Joe Biden, currently in Vilnius, on Wednesday announced plans to send American troops to ground and naval exercises in the Baltic states and also warned Russia it would be isolated over its aggression in Ukraine.

“We are exploring a number of additional steps to increase the pace and scope of our military cooperation, including rotating US forces in the Baltic region to conduct ground and naval exercises and training missions,” he told journalists in Vilnius.

Biden assured his country would stick to the collective defense commitment under the NATO treaty.

“Under Article 5 of the NATO treaty, we will respond, we will respond to any aggression against a NATO ally,” Biden said.

Demonstrating its solidarity with the Baltic states concerned about the threat of Russia, the United States sent six additional fighter jets to Lithuania earlier this month to bolster the Baltic air policing mission. According to Biden, the US has also turned to other allies asking them to increase their contribution.

Speaking after a meeting with the Lithuanian and Latvian presidents, the US vice president warned that Russia would be politically and economically isolated over its aggression in Ukraine where there have been reports of attacks against Ukrainian armed forces.

“As long as Russia continues on it’s dark path, they will face increasing political and economic isolation,” Biden said. “Russia cannot escape the fact that the world is changing and rejected outright their behavior.”

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