Baltic Host 11 begins

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Today, April 4, multinational Host Nation Support (HNS) exercise Baltic Host 11 begins at Gen Adolfas Ramanauskas Warfare Training Centre (Vilnius Region). The exercise which is of utmost importance to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will drill capacity of the Baltic States national agencies to host a set quantity of coalition forces, Ministry of Defence reported.

The so-called computer-processed „staff exercise“ will be held in all the three Baltic States simultaneously. Command post of the exercise will operate from Lithuania.

„As a member of NATO and willing to receive the benefits of collective defence Lithuania must ready capabilities to receive NATO forces and prepare the entire country’s infrastructure – railway, airports, and roads – just like its citizens, so that everyone would know their responsibility and duties while the state is preparing and processing mobilisation and rendering HNS. Baltic Host 11 is a perfect opportunity to test our readiness to receive NATO’s support,” Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė said.

Scenario of the exercise will put to test and evaluation the capacity of states’ infrastructure and agencies to receive coalition forces, bring forward a spectrum of problem situations to be solved collectively by civilian institutions.

The exercise is also tailored to upgrade interoperability of military and civilian agencies of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and other NATO allies, strengthen and enhance cooperation in delivering HNS, set directions for development of national infrastructures and institutions to the end stronger capabilities of ensuring security and defence.

More than 140 personnel from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, USA, NATO and the United States European Command (EUCOM) will gather at the main headquarters of the exercise in Nemenčinė. Another equal half of participants will involve from national headquarters in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. At the Lithuania‘s national headquarters almost all the ministries of and the majority of municipalities will be represented. They will be accompanied by delegates of Klaipėda Seaport, JSC „Lietuvos geležinkeliai” (national railway), PE „Oro navigacija” (air traffic).

Host nation support means civil and military assistance rendered in peace, emergencies, crisis and conflict by a Host Nation to Allied Forces and organisations which are located on, operating in or in transit through the Host Nation’s territory. Arrangements concluded between the appropriate authorities of Host Nations and the “Sending Nations” and/or NATO form the basis of such assistance.

The ad hoc exercise scenario is based on a fictitious event of a near-crisis situation in a defined area. The exercise staff representing national ministries, agencies and armed forces will be tasked with solving problems triggered by the situation. Participants of the exercise will have to realize the exercise scenario in compliance with the HNS requirements for member states set forth in NATO documents.

Scenario of the Baltic Host 11:
Ethnic majority of Sapalija region of democratic state Samora establishes SApalija Freedom Movement (SFM) for the independence of Sapalija. Civil unrest and suicide attacks flares in the state. Government of Samora introduces state of emergency and curfew.

Ethnic turmoil is fueled by SFM. The Prime Minister of Samora accuses A3 of supporting SFM and threatens to strike back. The 3rd Mechanised Infantry Brigade of Samora is sent towards the western border of the country. Samorian Air Force is in the highest readiness. On the basis of the later events in Samora Pinges, Brasana, Matau and NATO begin consultations on the provisions of Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty. The North Atlantic Council makes the decision to activate NATO Response Force and deployes it in 3 A states.

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