Estonia ranked highest among the Baltic States in Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2013

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Pranešk apie klaidą
Photo credit: alexliivet, Foter, CC BY

Photo credit: alexliivet, Foter, CC BY

Switzerland tops the first Global Talent Competitiveness Index, whereas Latvia is ranked 30th. Estonia is ranked highest among all three Baltic States – 23rd, while Lithuania is ranked 39th, The Baltic Course informs with reference to the news agency LETA.

INSEAD, one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools, in partnership with Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute and Adecco, has created the first ranking of 103 countries on their ability to attract and incubate talent.

The index shows the top ten slots mostly populated by rich European countries, plus Singapore and the United States and a wide gap between prosperous and low-income countries.

Latvia has received the highest assessment in terms of female professionals and technical workers, ranking first on the list.

In terms of environmental performance, Latvia is ranked second. Latvia’s pupil-teacher ratio and legislators, senior officials and managers have also received high assessments – seventh and ninth place respectively.

The lowest assessment has been given to Latvia’s tolerance of immigrants – 97th place.

The top ten countries are: Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Finland, the United States, and Iceland.

The GTCI measures countries, using 48 variables, split into two groups. The outputs are vocational and technical skills for jobs in fields such as health and engineering; and global knowledge skills, which encompass a range of positions, including entrepreneurs, researchers, managers and other professionals. The second group addresses how countries enable, attract, grow, and retain talent to foster these output skills.

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