Guggenheim Museum initiative in Vilnius to be taken over by the Finns

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The Guggenheim Museum’s initiative will be taken from Vilnius to the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

As reported by the newspaper “Lietuvos Rytas” (Lithuanian Morning) on 5 February, Helsinki and the Guggenheim Museum have signed a feasibility study agreement, so the possibility of renewing the project in Vilnius will not occur again because two similar museums in the region are not needed, wrote referring to the Baltic News Service.

Meanwhile, in Lithuania, because of the possible squandering of high-value assets associated with the Guggenheim Museum project in Vilnius, a preliminary investigation into the squandering of high-value assets is taking place.

The investigation was initiated based on the findings of the National Audit Office that the capital city illegally allocated 810 thousand litas (LTL) to the Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center.  The money was used by the Jonas Mekas Center for the Guggenheim project.

Previously, it was planned that the “Hermitage / Guggenheim Vilnius” Museum, designed by the Iraqi architect based in London, Zaha Hadid (see in the picture), would be built near the capital’s White Bridge, but the former mayor of Vilnius, Arturas Zuokas, says the project is now blocked.

Translated by Vytas Radzevicius
I am a first generation American, born and raised in the Detroit area.  My father was born in Vilkaviškis, while my mother is from Kaunas.  I received degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan and then worked in the automotive industry for 23 years.  I have since changed my career direction and am currently a producer, director, editor and writer for a local television show.  I am also married to a wonderful woman named Christine.

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  1. Lithuania’s leadership, is so bad it blows ones mind !!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s really sad!

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