IKEA might choose Lithuania to open its first shop in the Baltic States

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Pranešk apie klaidą

Sweden’s IKEA is very likely to choose Vilnius to open its first store in the Baltic States, the Verslo Zinios business daily reports on 28 January.

Charlotte Lindgren, IKEA spokesperson told to ‘news2biz’, that IKEA has no plans to open its shop in Estonia and Latvia, Verslo Zinios reported.  ‘However, we are carefully watching Lithuania’s market development and it is possible that in next 3-5 years an IKEA shop might open there,’ she said.

According to the paper it is an Icelandic company which is planning to get a franchise and has already made inquiries about possible land parcels.  “We performed a study of Vilnius land parcels suitable for retail about six months ago. It was commissioned by one of IKEA’s franchises willing to get the company. The customer has purchased the survey and we have not heard anything from him since that time”, Andrius Vitkus, sales director at property consultancy Newsec/Resolution said to Verslo Zinios.

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