Christopher Columbus possibly had Lithuanian blood

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Pranešk apie klaidą

Christopher Columbus, an explorer who discovered America could have had Lithuanian blood, Portuguese historian Manuel Rosa claims.  According to his findings Columbus was a grandson of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Jogaila, Lietuvos rytas daily reported.

In his book Colon. La Historia Nunca Contada (Columbus – The Untold Story), Rosa claims that Columbus was a son of Polish and Hungarian king Wladyslaw III of Varna and Wladyslaw III was a son of Grand Duke of Lithuania Jogaila.  Even though many historians are convinced that Wladyslaw III of Varna died in 1444 during a battle near Varna, Rosa is convinced that Wladyslaw III survived during the battle and moved to the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira.  He was supposedly known as Henry the German. He married a Portuguese woman and later had a son who discovered America.

Historian Rosa of US Duke University is convinced that there was an agreement not to disclose the real identity of Wladyslaw III and hide the real roots of Columbus, who was born in 1451.  According to the article the historian plans to compare DNA of the Polish king and the famous explorer whose remains lay in Seville Cathedral.

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