Two Lithuanian solders injured in Afghanistan

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Pranešk apie klaidą

Two Lithuanian troops were injured in Afghanistan on the morning of 23 September, the Ministry of Defence announced.  Two troops, 28 years old Novogoreckis and 35 years old Luzaitis sustained injuries while patrolling the Ghor province’s capital Chagcharan at 09.30 local time.  A man in a police uniform fired three shots at the Lithuanian’s escort and fled on a motorcycle.  One of the Lithuanian soldier’s suffered a gunshot wound to his face, while the other was shot in his hand and chin.

‘At the moment, the solders are being evacuated to a war hospital where one of them will require surgery. Emergency medical assistance was successfully provided in Chagcharan by our doctors stationed together with the soldiers. Their condition is not life-threatening,’ the Minister of Defence Rasa Jukneviciene said during the government’s question-and-answer session at the parliament, reported.

There are some 150 Lithuanian solders and civilians stationed in Ghor province.  The Lithuanian Special Operations Force squadron Aitvaras is also serving in southern Afghanistan. One Lithuanian solder died during a riot in Ghor in May 2008. 

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