Egypt’s famous globetrotter Achmed Haggagovic visits Vilnius

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Ahmed Haggagovic in Vilnius | Photo courtesy of Vilnius City Municipality

Ahmed Haggagovic in Vilnius | Photo courtesy of Vilnius City Municipality

Vilnius Municipality informed that on 26 April Egypt’s famous globetrotter Achmed Haggagovic took time out of his whirlwind world tour to meet with the Vilnius City Government.

Haggagovic, who is travelling the world with the intent to spread peace and tolerance, intends to visit every country in the world to spread friendship with his homeland, Egypt. Lithuania was the 101st country visited during his world tour.

At the Vilnius City Government building, Haggagovic met with City Council Secretary Miroslavas Monkevičius and said that his trip was the first step in strengthening the friendship and understanding between Lithuania and Egypt.

Monkevičius and Haggagovic discussed ways to strengthen cooperation and tourism exchanges between the two countries, including the possibility of forming a sister-city agreement between Vilnius and Cairo.

Monkevičius said that the visit presented the two countries “with the opportunity to improve not only our official governmental ties, but also to form positive relationships between our two nations’ people. Haggagovic creates video clips in which he presents his experiences while visiting various cities around the world. This is a perfect opportunity for the world to hear more about Vilnius, and for more Egyptians to come visit us as guests,” said Monkevičius.

Ahmed Haggagovic is an Egyptian traveller who is known as Egypt’s unofficial ambassador and flag bearer.

To date, Haggagovic has visited 95 countries. He would like to become the first person to travel the entire world and raise Egypt’s flag in every nation he visits, spreading a message of “freedom, joy, peace, and a unified world without borders or racism.”

Some of the most important people he has met in his travels include Brazil’s 35th president Inacio Lula da Silva and Argentina’s current president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

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