Government approves euro introduction plan

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2 Lithuanian Euro cointThe government on Monday approved in principle a euro introduction plan that calls for setting up strategic and coordination commissions and working groups.

“Today we reached an agreement in principle that the work will be carried out at several levels,” Finance Minister Rimantas Sadzius told reporters after the Cabinet’s meeting.

“At the strategic level, a commission for the introduction of the euro in Lithuania will be established, with the prime minister as its chairman. At the coordination level, we will create a large working group headed by the finance minister,” the minister said.

At the expert level, at least six working groups will be set up, he said.

The minister also said that amendments will be made to the National Changeover Plan, which was approved back in 2005.

Sadzius said what the authorities can do in order to meet the Maastricht criteria and keep inflation in check is to maintain fiscal discipline. However, he added that prices administered by the central or local governments could be reviewed more carefully and not raised unless necessary.

Lithuania aims to join the eurozone in 2015.

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