The Lithuania Tribune and DELFI commence operation of joint venture

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The Lithuania Tribune and DELFI, the largest online news portal in the Baltic States is happy to announce partnership. The Lithuania Tribune today commenced operating a mirrored news portal of DELFI in order to bring Lithuania’s news in English to DELFI’s readers via the site This is a joint venture of both DELFI, the largest news portal in the Baltic States, and the Lithuania Tribune, a news portal with the most solid experience of English-language news production in Lithuania.

Aleksandras Česnavičius, DELFI’s director, states that “DELFI already has experience with Russian and Polish news portals, so the next logical step in expanding our readership to a non-Lithuanian language market is to appeal to readers of news in English. We are the major news portal for Lithuanian residents and were missing and English-language arm, thus building a joint news channel with such an experienced partner as the Lithuania Tribune will provide an excellent source of information for not only foreigners living in Lithuania, but diplomats as well as readers of Lithuanian descent who can only read in English” . Česnavičius also stressed the particular importance of DELFI providing news in English given the upcoming Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Ruslanas Iržikevičius, founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Lithuania Tribune, states that “We are the longest active online portal providing news about Lithuania in English. We have gained tremendous experience and proved it is possible to create and sustain a team project that operates with no external funding. This partnership [with DELFI] will create a new chapter in the light of the Lithuania Tribune as well is provide an opportunity to both learn from and share experiences with Lithuania’s largest news portal. Co-operation with DELFI shows that commercial and social projects can in fact work hand-in-hand. During the last year the Lithuania Tribune underwent an almost complete renewal and has in turn become more interactive, more modern, and more diverse and has pulled in more readers as a result”.

The Lithuania Tribune has archived over 6000 news articles within its portal since its inception in August 2009. This archive offers DELFI readers a wealth of reliable and diverse content in English.


About Lithuania Tribune

The Lithuania Tribune portal belongs to BaltoScandia Media group, which deals primarily in publishing and political consulting.  BSM Consulting provides information and analysis on Lithuanian political and economic issues. The news portal is run with the assistance of more than 50 volunteers from around the world including translators, language editors, reporters, writers, administrators and designers. Additionally, the Lithuania Tribune has successfully developed a Chinese arm, “The Lithuania Tribune China“, a Chinese-language news portal about Lithuania.

About DELFI owners „Ekspress Group“

The news portal DELFI belongs to Estonian media concern AS “Ekspress Group”. In Lithuania DELFI Group publishes the most popular news portal in three languages, as well as portals,, 5braškė,, and advertisements portal

“Express Group” is a media group that develops newspapers, online media and publishing business in the Baltic countries and Ukraine. The Company also owns a modern printing house and press distribution company in Estonia.

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