Meilutytė: I have to say no to Great Britain

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Rūta Meilutytė | delfi.ltOlympic and World champion Rūta Meilutytė has to explain, almost every interview, to the British journalist that she is and will be Lithuanian. “For swimming and studying I had to leave Lithuania and go to Great Britain. I will always want to represent my country, even though I like it here, I have to say no to Great Britain,” writes.

“If I wanted to become a British citizen, I could use the possibility, but I don’t want to,” is the response of R. Meilutytė to the continuous questions of British journalists if the swimmer plans to change her citizenship.

The Olympic, World champion and best athlete of Lithuania in 2012 was answering questions to the Plymouth Herald about her free time, of which she has more than usual now since the end of the championship in Turkey.

“I relax with my friends. Family and friends are always a part of my thoughts. I try as hard as I can to be an ordinary person. There are some times when you can completely shut down and sometimes when you are not allowed. When I have free time I don’t have any activities. At those times I just want to rest. I have the time to walk around the town,” R. Meilutytė.

According to UK journalists, R. Meilutytė seems shy when talking about her free time. That changes when the conversation moves towards swimming.

“This summer I will enter the World championship in Barcelona and before that another couple of competitions. So I’m returning to my training routine after the Christmas and New Year holidays”.

Although the media began to hunt Meilutytė when she was just 15, she isn’t hiding from journalists yet.

“Sometimes I get tired of the attention from the media, but I understand that it is part of my life,” explains the Lithuanian swimmer.

Translated by Justinas Bieliauskas
Edited by Nadia Tjahja


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