Vaisvila picked wrong occasion for speech – Lithuania’s ex-president Adamkus

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Pranešk apie klaidą

Valdas Adamkus | delfi.ltLithuanian 1991 Independence Act signatory Zigmas Vaisvila probably chose a wrong venue for his speech, former president Valdas Adamkus said.

In his speech during a solemn Seimas meeting held to mark the Day of Freedom Defenders, said he heard from journalist Ruta Janutiene about “awarding for good work” of incumbent President Dalia Grybauskaite back in July of 1990. In his words, the bonus decree was signed by Valentinas Lazutka, one of the defendants in the January 13 1991 case.

Adamkus said that Vaisvila could have chosen a wrong place for the speech.

“The person collected a number of facts and knows them. My question is: of course, everyone should know them, but I would like to talk about the place – is this solemn meeting the right place of (giving) the dates and figures and talking about it. I think these issues can and should be raised at various conferences but I think that such days of tribute to human victims, we should celebrate the event and the result – we’re free and we’re alive. (…) To my understanding, he may have chosen a wrong place for these things,” Adamkus told journalists at the parliament.

Meanwhile, President Dalia Grybauskaite has refused to comment on Vaisvila’s words.

“On Dec. 19 of 2012, I heard a confirmation from Grybauskaite on LRT that she was hustling with the paratroopers in the High Party School in December of 1990, as they weren’t there in 1989. Ruta Janutiene told me that she found in Grybauskaite’s case a July 1990 decree by Lazutka on awarding Grybauskaite for good work,” Vaisvila said at an event to mark the Day of Freedom Defenders in Vilnius on Sunday.

Lazutka, opponent of Lithuania’s independence, former member of the Lithuanian Communist Party’s Central Committee and secretary of the Lithuanian Communist Party, is suspected in the Jan. 13 case of plotting to overthrow Lithuania’s legitimate administration, causing numerous bodily injuries of freedom defenders, destruction of property and instigating national hatred.

In 1990-1991, Lazutka together with Leonas Bartosevicius, Juozas Jermalavicius and others were actively involved in activities of the anti-state Communist Party and the Lithuanian National Rescue Committee. Some of the suspects have been convicted, while others escaped.

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