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Pranešk apie klaidą

Dear reader,

First of all, thank you so much for remaining with us all this time. After three years of continuous reporting on Lithuania let us now present you with some exciting news about the Lithuania Tribune instead.

The portal has just been successfully upgraded. The Lithuania Tribune has outgrown its old outfit; we are turning into a hub of not only news and views, but also into a hub of sharing information and expressing your views, dear readers.

The Lithuania Tribune is turning into “your own” Tribune. Our new features will make the portal a meeting place for opinion makers, academics, ex-pats, diplomats and everyone else interested in Lithuania. All our readers will be able to express themselves not only by reading the Tribune, but also by participating in the Tribune by expressing their views and interacting with others.

Let us now introduce you to some new features of the Tribune.

Submit news:
We would like to bring local news to the Lithuania Tribune. If you would like to write about a Christmas tree being lit in Klaipėda, an exhibition opening in Kaišiadorys, the opening or closing of a children’s playground in Rokiškis, or your thoughts about heating prices in Biržai, write it in English and our editors will check and in most cases publish it in our portal.

Letters and opinions:
we encourage you to not only write interesting commentary on our Facebook page, but to also submit your thoughts for publishing. This way they will reach a bigger audience and in turn achieve a bigger influence with its lasting legacy.

Ex-pat corner:
Lithuanian ex-pat community will have a separate channel to express their unique views and concerns in which they can announce various events and meetings, come up with initiatives, and seek out like-minded people.

CD Tribune:
Foreign representatives residing in Lithuania as well as Lithuania representatives abroad will be able to inform readers about their various activities and thus pass on their message to the public.

Tribune Forum:
a discussion forum will also be integrated into the Lithuania Tribune, but only registered users will be able to take part in it. We believe that even here Facebook there is a place for such an traditional fashioned forum. It will be valued friends exclusivity, lasting legacy, variety of topics and useful information.

Facebook integration:
Everyone logged into their Facebook account will be able to comment on the posts without leaving the page. The reader will also be able to see all comments made on Facebook without leaving the Tribune.

Sign in to our newsletter, choose the topics you are most interested in and you will be able to keep track of the Tribune from your e-mail inbox.

Report mistakes:
This feature will enable you to report on mistakes without actually needing to head to your inbox. It will only be a few clicks away stock

If you feel you would like to write a more regular basis we will grant you access to the system so that all you need to do is bright, log in, post and then you’re writing will be published [as soon as it is reviewed]. As simple as that!

These interactive features will bring the Lithuania Tribune closer to all of you. Although we will continue to write about national news, the Tribune will also be paying much more attention to news from the various worlds of Lithuanian culture, sports, and lifestyle. Our multimedia section and the huge potential it possesses will also continue to be developed.

We don’t want to announce all of our exciting news at once, so bearing in mind this is only a fraction of it. Yes, really! So keep reading ask, interrupting with us, and you will continue to discover more interesting features.

As always we are more than happy to receive your feedback especially now that it will be so easy to do so at only one click away!






4 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Lithuania Tribune

  1. I really like the new look. I hope that with modern design and new features, Lithuanians will contribute their opinions and news to this site. I’m looking forward to read something interesting on variety of subjects from ordinary Lithuanians. It would be really cool if people who don’t know english very well, but have something noteworthy to say, could write in Lithuanian and you (LithuaniaTribune) would translate it to proper english language.

  2. Today, in the space of 10 minutes I received three pieces of good news; the revamped LT was one of them. Congratulations and well done. My only reservation is that, with the greatest respect to Lithuania, the LT format is deserving of an international readership and perspective.

    Lithuania and is Diaspora are off the leash. Like their neighbours and Ireland, they are punching well above their weight. The LT has the commanding position to enter the global debate; national size is irrelevant. LT is the megaphone of nation that has already made an impact on the world.

    My article on Famous Balts proves that Balts have, throughout history, influenced world progress and made the world a far better place. The LT is their voice too. Michael.

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