Baltic Investors Forum: “Smart countries overcoming crisis – it is success of the region”

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Baltic Investors Forum opens today in Vilnius, and will be attended by over 500 business and public leaders from all over the world. The most influential economists, Baltic entrepreneurs, politicians and representatives of both the local and global press will take part in the intellectual marathon, lasting for two days and consisting of lectures, debates, presentations and business meetings. The aim of the Forum is to review the region‘s business and investment opportunities, it also seeks to delineate the economic development and forthcoming challenges before the recovery.

“Becoming the region‘s major business event Investors Forum strengthens the dialogue the dialogue between business and political leaders and debating only about the challenges facing the global economy, but also about what should be done to ensure that there will never be another global economic crisis“, says Mr. Rolandas Valiūnas, Chairman of the organizers of the Forum, association of the largest investors in Lithuania “Investors’ Forum”.

“According to world-known economists, Lithuania will take place in the history of finances as the state which has found smart way to overcome crisis. However, the biggest economic challenges are still in the future, so we have initiated the Forum of global and regional experts to discuss future prospects”, explains Ms. Rūta Skyriene, Executive Director of “Investors’ Forum”. According to her, Lithuania is currently drawing a lot of international attention. Both the moderators and guests of the event were honoured to receive globally acclaimed finance analysts and academicians, whose insights still shape world’s most significant macroeconomic processes.

The First day is opened by discussion “World Economy – balanced growth, balanced economic policies an a safe financial system – is it what we need?” This discussion will be moderated by Vendeline von Bredow, editor of “The Economist”. Among participants – Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius, Mark Allen CEE of Monetary Fund, Lars Cristensen “Danske” bank chief economist and famous economy analyst Richard C. Koo, Chief Economist from Nomura Research Institute, who is going to talk about means to harness the region’s economy after the recession. A representative of the European Commission Emer Daly will participate in the panel discussion on the European Single Market, whereas the debate covering attractiveness of Baltic Rim for Foreign Investors will be moderated by the Wall Street lawyer Emily Altman.

The panel discussion „Future of Information Technologies – Where Are We Headed Next and What Do We Get?“ is going to be attended by top level managers from „Microsoft“, „Hewlett-Packard“, „Huawei Technologies“, „Samsung Electronics“ and „TeliaSonera“ companies. During the debate on energy, transport and logistics, the participants are going to analyze and adopt the positive experience of apartment renovation in Poland. Afterwards, Lithuanian team is going to present the new Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal project and explain the essential perspectives of Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant.

Baltic Investors Forum is ready to receive numerous participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Scandinavian countries. The moderators will also greet the guests representing Great Britain, Belgium, Iceland, Japan and the United States. Over 20 enterprises have expressed the desire to take part in the international Business Fair, where they can both introduce and get acquainted with brand new investment projects and business prospects. The fair‘s variety is going to include not only displays of foreign companies but also those prepared for the free local economic zones of Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai. During the fair, its guests will have an opportunity to learn more about business conditions in Poland, USA and other countries. More than 50 journalists have been accredited to monitor the event.

“Baltic Investors Forum” is run by “Investors’ Forum“, the largest and most active association uniting investors who place their trust and resources in Lithuanian economy. The mission of the association is to improve investment and business conditions in the country. Forum was founded in September 1999, from its very inception it has been constantly growing and now unites over 50 members, including the country’s most prominent investors: industries, banks, various companies working in the fields of telecommunications, audit, logistics and etc. The mutual turnover of these enterprises exceeds 20 billion LTL and their activities in markets have resulted in creating more than 17 thousand workplaces.

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