“Renewable energy is not as attractive as until very recently” – Estonian Ambassador to Lithuania

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Pranešk apie klaidą

Jorge Marcano | The Lithuania Tribune

Today, on the traditional and renewable energy forum entitled “Energy market today and prospects in Lithuania and the Baltics” organised by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce, taking place in Vilnius, the Estonian Ambassador delivered interesting remarks on the future of this type of energy. Speaking at the conference, the Ambassador said that “we’re now waiting to see what will be the next steps of the new Lithuanian parliament and government. The global economic crisis and its aftermath in Europe have left their mark also in the energy sector.

Economic growth prognosis are very cautious and so tend to be the investors. Renewable energy is still on the agenda but it is not as attractive as until very recently.

There seems to be a less enthusiasm for it global level, which in this field, may influence decision-making on EU level and also on the Member States.

There seems to be more challenges in the sector than before and that explains the number of energy-related gatherings in Lithuania this autumn.” concluded the Ambassador as he opened the floor for participation in the conference.

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