No money for the Jew rescuers

Pranešk apie klaidą

Ministers decided not to award the status of freedom fighter to people who were rescuing Jews during the war. The intention is noble and just, however there is no money in the budget for that, cites “Kauno diena”.

This was the answer given to a few members of the Seimas who suggested to assign the resistance (during Lithuania’s occupation between 1940 and 1990) participant status to the rescuers of holocaust victims.

The Ministry of Social Security and Labour did not agree with this amendment of the law, since it would have a negative impact on Lithuania’s budget. The Ministry suspects that after receiving freedom fighters’ status, those who were rescuing Jews will start asking for state pensions.

The final decision regarding this suggestion will be made on 13 June by the Government; however the Seimas could still ignore the Ministers’ decision. The amendment had been offered by a few members of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrat party, who are also members of the Commission for the Rights and Affairs of Participants of Resistance to Occupation Regimes and Victims of Occupation.

Translated by Rūta Strolytė

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